Kristi's Gypsy Corner

Kristi's Gypsy Corner

By: Kristi Lowery Jones Comments: 1

Hi there my loves! Do you guys know how excited I am to do this blog? Now I get to talk to so many of you that I do not get to visit with regularly, or at all pending where you are located. I will start off with a little bit about my past experience with retail prior, and my personal style journey also.

I worked with a plus size specialty store off and on for almost 15 years. During those years, I was on the weight loss roller coaster, which made me look at clothing and "trends" a bit differently in my opinion. I value the TRUE FIT of an outfit, as well as the style. Working with clients from all backgrounds, and size ranges, there is only one thing that is consistent, when a woman is in an outfit that makes her feel good, she glows. I say, I know I got the outfit right, when She opens the dressing room door with a smile on her face, and her posture is confident. When you are uncomfortable in a garment, it shows. If you fidget with the material, you draw attention to all of things you are not loving about yourself in that moment. We will work together to find the GLOW!

Now if you guys have met me, you know I love overalls. This season jumpsuits are on trend. There are so many different styles to try to find the fit for you. Also, going into the summer, you definitely have the romper options. Me being at my age, I get tickled about this trend because " I have already lived through it". We have a few options in store and online for jumpsuits and rompers. Do not get discouraged the first time you try one on. You have to find your FIT! Height does matter, but only a little bit. The stride of the jumpsuit is the most important part. Sometimes the garment may be made too long or too short in the stride, so you must try multiple sizes on. Look for the adjustable shoulder straps to help accommodate the length you are wanting. Always remember that material does play a part in the fit.  Also, if the hem is raw, you can trim it a little if you are more on the petite side. There are options and tricks for everything.

Another trend that you cannot run from, NEONS!!!! Yes, it is happening. No, it is not ending soon. It is kind of like the hand crochet trend. You ran from it because you thought of old blankets at grandma's house. But crochet is still here and getting cuter each day. So, as someone who lived through the 90's with bodycon dresses and NEON everything, listen to me when I say it is BACK to stay a while. My favorite items right now with the neon trend are the oversized tees and tops. It is the absolute easiest way to brighten up a basic bottom, or better yet SWIM COVER UP! The trick to the neon's is to learn your shade. Not all of the brights will look fabulous, and it is ok. You will find your color and look phenomenal.

Y'all, let's talk about these dresses. What is your favorite? The options that are out there right now. A few things to keep in mind: not all cuts will be your cut. The maxi is an easy go to, but make sure you are wearing the dress, and the dress is not wearing you. Stay away from boxy maxi dresses, well, unless your headed to poolside. With your shorter dresses, find your happy length. If is too short, you will fidget like I mentioned before. Find your happy length, throw on those fantastic sandals or wedges, and glow!

I am a multi-faceted person when it comes to my personal style. I love the ease of boho outfitting. This time of year, peasant tops and flare jeans make my heart happy. I also appreciate a classic blazer with a tee and jeans. Going into the warmer months, grab a nice fitting pair of Bermuda shorts to match with the blazer and tee. If I had the opportunity to dress for a semi-formal event, I would most likely find a perfect for my body type jumpsuit with lux accessories to jazz it up. But I would never discard an amazing A-Line dress with rhinestone accessories for an event either. 

Well, I hope you got a few ideas from this. Leave me comments on what YOU want to talk about. There are other blog corners that we will be filling with seasonal trends, just a happy of the day, and color palettes. 

We are on this style journey together. Talk with you soon! And remember, find you, be you, love you! Love BIG y'all! KLJ

Comments (1)

Kristi Jones
Posted on 2023-05-04 14:33:27
Thank you!!!!!!
Amelia Rodgers-Nunez
Posted on 2023-05-02 22:54:26
Love getting to know you better!!!



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