It is July! How are Y'all Doin'?

It is July! How are Y'all Doin'?

By: Kristi Lowery Jones Comments: 0

They say, as you get older the days get long and the years get short; and I have to agree in 2023! How is it going y'all? I feel like we were just discussing spring trends, and now I'm hanging sweaters. This year is flying by. So much has happened this year! What has been your peach and your pit? Several of you have followed me on social media and know of my mother's health journey which is my pit so far. Thank you so much for the prayers and support. I have the best cheerleaders! The peach is definitely the GROWTH and OPPORTUNITY that I have been graced with professionally and personally. Noone could have ever told me a year ago that I would be in Los Angeles this year! I have had game changer experiences through this year thus far. And I could not be more thankful to you rockstars that keep getting the word out about us! I love hearing "a friend mentioned this hidden gem"!!! We are a hidden gem in the cut of Northport and Tuscaloosa. We are one light away from being considered Tuscaloosa. I love that we are all Northport girls in Northport serving the community one outfit at a time. Thank you for all your support and feedback over the last 10 months. 

As you know, we love your feedback. So, let's talk about a

few things. What are your favorite things? Did you buy one of your favorite pieces from us? Tell me about it? Currently I have several favorite pieces, and it is different crazy cuts of pants and open knit sweaters mainly. I absolutely love the new take on parachute/cargo pants. I like the option so many pants have with the draw cord at the bottom hem to wear the pant as a wide leg or as a jogger. If you watch our/my social media, you have seen my flowy black pants with the tulip sides and tie waist. I love those pants. It is the perfect example of try something out of your comfort zone. That pant is a higher waist than I would normally choose for myself, and the flowy legs give body to every top you pair with it. Jazz them up or throw a casual tee or tank with them with great accessories for the perfect outfit. Go out of the comfort zone this year! Find you. Love you. Be you! Another out of the box item I love is my black leather tee. The tee is a tunic length with side slits. It will pair with all of your bottoms. So far, I have personally worn mine with skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans, leggings, joggers, and shorts. So many options for a simple leather piece, but people tend to think it is edgy. Leather items are mainstream these days. Give the look a try!

In the store, you guys loved the pink/red flutter sleeve dress this spring. Guess what! That color combo is back! We have a puff sleeve smocked bodice mini dress in that beautiful bold color combo in floral print. Then alllllllllll of the jeans we have for you this year. Of course, we have the ol' faithful pull-on waist Cello jeans. Our collection of Judy Blue has expanded this year to make sure we have a pair for everyone. The vibrant red jeans will give you a great gameday outfit, and the cobalt blue skinny jeans are perfect for our Wildcats!!! There are two denim trousers that are perfect day to night jeans. We have you covered! There are several "staple" tops in store that is an easy "go to" for every day. With that said, what are you looking for? We are still on the hunt for the perfect pant with the perfect length. Don't give up on us. What else should we hunt? We love being known for having "different" items than the rest of the stores in town. What is that something different that you are looking for to put in your collection?

Before I go, let me touch on the shoe collection. We have a large assortment of Shu Shop star sneakers and wedges. They are so fun and festive. I love the metallics in the designs. The sneakers are not meant just for your activewear! Pair that cute dress with the sneakers and fun earrings for a dressy casual outfit. Corky's is a wonderful brand we picked up this year that we have fallen in love with. The wedges are so stylish and comfortable for daily wear. The boots are perfect for dressing up a pair of shorts and graphic tee for a fun night out or with our favorite dresses at all lengths, and never forget about your boots with jeans for the perfect "fit". Very G is the brand we came to you with in the beginning that has stood strong for you and us. The cushion in the soles of their shoes is AHHHMAZING! I have bought the boots and wedges by them, and I love them all. You guys have stayed true to your commitment to their wedges for sure. They are awesome. The bootie collection we have coming is exciting. I can't wait for all the sparkles to get here! I have to admit, there are two boots that I have to have when they get here. I know I know, but aren't we needing a little sparkle in the closet?

Again, please send me your feedback. I can't wait to hear from you. I appreciate you guys so much!

If you would like a styling appointment for that one-on-one time where we can really figure out what you want and need, get in touch with me. I can be here before or after hours for better availability for your schedule. 

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See you Soon!!!


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